Break out the padlocks and the street smarts because this isn't Kansas anymore, Toto. This is college. And most campus safety officials say freshmen are guaranteed to be assaulted as soon as they enter the gates of their chosen institution – by crime prevention info, that is. Universities subject freshmen to a barrage of seminars, videos and pamphlets about campus safety, especially theft prevention. Not a bad idea considering most studies list theft as the No. 1 crime on campus.

To keep all you students safe and sound, schools are adding on-campus safety features that would make McGruff the crime dog proud. Boston College has more than 100 emergency call-boxes that are linked directly to the campus police station, and the school gives all first-year students safety whistles.

Most campus police departments say to stay safe you don't need to pack a bullet-proof vest, just some common sense.

Safety Tips
College students give you the low-down on playing it safe.

By Jill Carroll, U. of Massachussetts

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