let them entertain you: Bet you didn't know that college could be so entertaining – comedians, speakers, film festivals, plays and musicians are always hitting the college circuit. And we're not talking Zamfir, Master of the Pan Flute. We're talking legitimate stuff, like No Doubt, Chris Rock, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Ziggy Marley. And get this, it's dirt cheap, and sometimes even free.

get the 411: Nearly every college and university – big or small, in the city or in the sticks – has a student group whose sole job is to bring performers to campus to keep you entertained. That's right. Just call the student activities office or check your campus newspaper to see what's happening on campus.

sports shorts: Don't forget about those sporting events. Many shcools offer free admission to hockey, volleyball and tennis games. If you're at a school with a strong sports tradition like UCLA or the U. of Michigan, you can watch the top teams in the country on your home turf – with a price break for student tickets.

fun for less: So the next time you're doing the couch potato routine, check in those cushions – you could scrape up enough change to get off that couch and catch a cool event.

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