If you don't save enough of that lawn-mowing or lifeguarding money over the summer, your bank account will look a bit tight once college gets under way. What's a starving freshman to do? If you're like other entertprising students, you'll look for quick, alternative cash. And these days, that means using your body.

Consider Shippensburg U. of Pennsylvania senior Craig Friday who has donated plasma for the past four years while attending school. He rakes in $90 a week donating his plasma every three days. While he describes the 70 to 90 minute process as "mildly uncomfortable," Friday says he doesn't mind. "I get to watch a movie while it takes place," he says.

Friday isn't the only student parting with bodily substances for a fast buck. Male students can donate sperm for up to $100 a dose – quite snazzy considering a lot of males participate in the activity for free on a daily basis. But keep in mind that sperm banks put prospective candidates through a rigorous written test and sexual history inquiry.

Ladies, don't despair, because you can donate eggs for really big bucks (one couple recently offered to pay a college female $50,000 for an egg donation), but beware: we've heard it's a long and painful process. And of course, there are some pretty heavy ethical issues involved with sperm/egg donations.

If the notion of parting with your procreant matter leaves you cold, you can always sign up as a student guinea pig. Research schools are always looking for students to participate in scientific and psychological experiments – anything from questionnaires to eye exams. And then there are a few once-in-a-lifetime research projects. Just ask Indiana U. senior Drew Patty, who got paid to watch sexually explicit videos so researchers could measure blood flow to the penis.

Who says you've got to separate business from pleasure?

By Ryan Coleman, Indiana U.

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