Attention all armchair quarterbacks, bench warmers, spazzes and biochem majors. Your day has arrived. The days of Sam the Superstar Jock kicking sand in your face have come to a close, and that once-elusive mecca known as the wide world of sports has opened its gates and is handing trophies to all.

Yep, that's right. There's no athletic ability required for many college intramural sports (and we use the term loosely). So go ahead and tackle intramurals like extreme golf carting, downhill mud sliding, nude Olympics or Ultimate Frisbee (hmmm, come to think of it, you probably need some decent hand-eye coordination for this one or you could get bonked in the head a lot – ouch!).

And for those of you who scored big when the coordination and ball-handling genes were passed out, you can always shoot for the more traditional intramurals, like flag football, volleyball, soccer and softball. "It gives people a chance to participate," says U. of Connecticut senior Brian Christina, a seasoned veteran of his dorm floor's basketball and softball teams. "It's not as physical as school sports, but just as competitive."

For serious weekend jocks who are just a few steroids shy of making it on the varsity team, look into the intramural contests and competitions sponsored by the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA). With more than 700 member schools, NIRSA hosts national tournaments in basketball and flag football where the competition is fierce.

If competition isn't your thing, just remember that intramurals can be a real stressbuster, too. "I think it's a way for students to vent their hostilities," says Alice Alarcon, a senior at St. Johns U. in New York. "It's a great way to escape the rigors of class."

By Marty Lang, U. of Connecticut

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