Get a load of these past and present campus traditions. Sounds to us like "traditions" are just an excuse to party.

• Nude Olympics, Princeton U. – Administrators are trying to end this tradition, saying they'll suspend any student who takes part in the annual naked run during the first snowfall of the year.

• Little 500, Indiana U. – Move over, Mario Andretti. Indiana students train all year for this annual bike race held in April.

• Cricketfest, Southwest Texas State U. – Millions of crickets swarm campus every October, and students hold a festival to celebrate their arrival.

• Jumping Jack Frost, Northern Arizona U. – Students compete in traditional lumberjack activities like log rolling, ax throwing, pie eating, root beer chugging and human Chinese checkers.

• Tortilla Tossing, Texas Tech U. – Until recently, football fans spun tortillas on their fingers and flung them onto the field during home games. Southwest Conference officials curtailed the tradition in 1996 by penalizing the team 15 yards every time a tortilla landed on the playing field.

• Moo Poo Bingo, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U. – Students "buy" square plots on a field where a cow roams and grazes. People watch and wait with bated breath for the cow to do her thing. The owner of the first pooed-on square wins.

• Slope Day, Cornell U. – On the last day of class in the spring, about 5,000 students skip school and congregate on a huge slope in the middle of campus.

• Spree Day, Clark U., Mass. – On an unannounced spring morning, fire alarms go off in every dorm room at 8 a.m. to start the festivities. Classes are cancelled, and the entire campus spends the day partying.

• Boar's Head Dinner, U. of Rochester – Medieval pageantry abounds at this traditional holiday dinner in December. The event is inspired by the ancient tale of a young philosophy student who warded off a dangerous wild boar by stuffing his book of knowledge down its throat.

• Kissing the Boar's Head, Oglethorpe U., Ga. – Based on the same tradition, inductees of an honor fraternity ceremoniously smooch a real boar's head.

• Hot Dog Day, Alfred U., N.Y. – Students who wish they were an Oscar Mayer weiner gather for this weekend street carnival in the spring.

• Turkey Bowling, North Idaho College – Near the end of November, students try to knock down two-liter bottles using a frozen turkey as the bowling ball. If they get a strike, they get to keep the tenderized turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

• 48-Hour Dance Marathon, Pennsylvania State U. – Students rock around the clock for two days to raise money to fight cancer.

• Pig Toastal, U. of Notre Dame – Shhhh. It's not sponsored by the school, but thousands of students know that the swim team usually plans this grand pig roast to party and celebrate spring.

• Potato Bowl French Fry Feed, U. of North Dakota – More than 2,300 pounds of spuds are served up at this weeklong festival and gootball game.

• Day, U. of Kansas – at 11:45 every Thursday night, students come out of their dorms and sing "Happy Loopy Day!" to wish their neighbors a good Friday morning. This relatively new tradition is usually followed by a waterfight.

• Crawfish Day, Nicholls State U., La. – Students spend the day feasting on more than 900 pounds of Cajun-cooked crawdaddies. Sho' is good cookin', ah ga-run-tee!

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