These days personal home pages are simple to create.
There are three elements in creating a home page: web-design software, a camera, and a scanner. You don't even have to get the web-design software or suffer through a course in HTML or FTP (file transfer protocol) because has just added an online home page builder that's perfect for both the novice and the advanced web designer. It's free and also saves you additional costs that you would otherwise pay for server space. While you can certainly design home pages without using photos (or you can download images off the web and avoid the scanner altogether), you'll want to understand all of your options and how to use them.

Follow These Easy Steps:

Note: If you've designed other home pages with separate web-authoring software, you can upload those pages to your free web space so that you and your friends have easy access to them.

To add your own pictures to your web page, you'll need a flatbed scanner or digital camera. Scanners convert regular photos into digital images. Look for ones with at least 600 x 1200 pixels per inch. A perfectly acceptable scanner will run from $100 - $150.


Note:You can create as many free home pages as you want. There are dozens of templates to choose from.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Digital Photography
by Steve Greenberg goes from beginning to advanced design. The book includes a CD with several software demos that might be of interest as you advance.

What's a megapixel?
The resolution of the images/photos you're working with is measured in thousands of pixels per inch. For decent quality, look for 2 MB cameras. If you're getting a video camera (they often shoot both video and stills), try to pick a camera with three prisms which will produce better colors than cameras with less.

Internet sizing
On the Internet - drop the resolution of your images down to 72 dpi. Otherwise the file will be too large and take too long to download.

Graphic Formats

  • GIF = Graphics Interchange Format
  • BMP = BitMaP
  • JPEG = Joint Photographic Experts Group

AGFA ephoto smile
640 x 480 resolution. 2MB of internal memory holds up to 16 pictures, which you can transfer to a PC (but not a Mac) with the included serial cable ($130).

Fuji MX-1200
1.3 million pixel CCD and resolution as high as 1,280 x 960 pixels ($299).

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