Brandy Norwood
Brandy Norwood can't decide.

Celebs head back to school
By Sara Lyle

Singer and actress Brandy can't make up her mind what she wants to do when she grows up. "As of this fall, Brandy will add two new responsibilities to her already full schedule," states Disney's "Meet Brandy" Web site.

"She has enrolled to attend classes at Pepperdine University-Malibu, and she has signed with a New York modeling agency and will travel to Milan, Italy, in late September for her debut as a high fashion runway model." Ms. Norwood, of "Moesha" fame, isn't the only young celeb heading for the halls of academia, though.

Several will be picking up where they left off last year, while a couple are choosing the school's-out-forever route. One will defer admission until his stardom comes back to Earth.

Claire Danes, who launched her career in the small-screen hit "My So-Called Life," has been living la vida dorm at Yale University for the past couple of semesters. She told Seventeen Magazine in 1998 that she planned to major in philosophy, art history or psychology and do movies during the summer. "Or maybe not. Jodie (Foster) did five movies while she was at Yale," Danes added. Recently, the 20-year-old got to work with the New Haven-alum in the not-yet-released movie "Flora Plum."

On a been-there, done-that note, an assistant for actor Casey Affleck's publicist says his client decided he could do without the dual student/performer title.

"He went to (Columbia University) for a little while, but he doesn't go anymore," Andrew Lewis relays. Affleck, who became known for his "Good Will Hunting" role as the kid brother of his real-life sibling Ben, recently appeared in "200 Cigarettes." When asked why the younger Affleck chose to blow smoke in the face of l'universitaire, Lewis explains, "Mostly because he's working on his career."

Sitcom star Ben Savage is focusing on his craft, too, but says he's biding his time until he relocates to Stanford University in California.

"I think throughout my entire high-school career all I wanted was to go to Stanford. It was really important to me personally that I go there," the 18-year-old said in a phone interview. "So, you know, it was a little difficult, but 'Boy Meets World' had been continuing since I was in eighth grade all through the time when I was a senior in high school. "We all assumed that when I was a senior in high school ... (it) would have just ended."

But Savage's show didn't and, instead, got picked up for another season. This forced the actor to defer admission to his big brother Fred's alma mater one more year.

"I really had to make a decision between my acting career and my emotional, intellectual career. ... Fortunately, Stanford was very helpful and they were willing to let me defer," he said.

Olympian figure skater Michelle Kwan said she "just wants to be a regular student" when she begins classes this fall at the University of California-Los Angeles, according to one Denver newspaper. "Hopefully, I'll be able to focus, focus, focus and be able to juggle both skating and school," Kwan said.

The soon-to-be freshman, who won a silver medal at the 1998 Winter Games, plans to "combine a full load of classes with a full-time Olympic training schedule," the Rocky Mountain News reported.

Melissa Joan Hart misses school.

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Some stars who didn't finish their four years, like TV and movies' Melissa Joan Hart, still pine for the rigors Kwan anticipates, even though MJH reportedly spent time bunking on-campus with a trio of New York University students.

"She's enrolled (at NYU), but she isn't signed up for any classes," her publicist's assistant Jason Ickovitz says.

In an America Online chat session, the actress -- known to fans for roles ranging from "Clarissa," who explained it all, to the "Yearbook Girl" in "Can't Hardly Wait" -- answered a fan's question about her post-"Sabrina the Teenage Witch" plans.

As the wannabe know-it-all she played on Nickelodeon might have replied, the 23-year-old Hart said, "I'd like to go back to New York and finish college."