Neither Garth, nor Gaines to go on Web
By Sara Lyle

Neither Garth, nor Gaines to go on Web
Chris Gaines

- Dixie Chicks site set to 'Fly' The launch of their Web site will make today a true Triple Crowner for the trio.

- Planet Garth

Despite extensively marketing his upcoming album and movie, country music čber-star Garth Brooks still lays low online. features simply one page with the singer's trademark "g" in a circle.

"I don't think it's a very urgent project for them," says Brandon Wiesner, creator of the unofficial "Planet Garth" site.

"The main reason for that (official site) was to secure the domain name and keep it out of reach of the hands of pornographic Web sites."

Meanwhile, the album, "Garth Brooks in... the life of Chris Gaines," is set be released in September and will trail a biographical film in which Brooks plays a fictional singer's tragic life.

Gaines' music (sung by shaggy-haired, alter-ego Brooks) will encompass much more than country -- an envelope artists like the Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain have been pushing for several years.

"He'll no doubt lose fans over this, but he'll get more from the different genre that Gaines falls into," Wiesner predicts. "The fans that he loses won't be able to accept the fact that Chris Gaines is only a character."

"Personally, I hope it's a part-time gig, and he returns to the old Garth soon."

Wiesner, who started his online ode to Garth in 1995, doesn't seem to mind profiting from Brooks' Internet oversight, even though he didn't foresee "Planet Garth" becoming a "large and popular" site.

"It was picked up on a few search engines back then and quickly gained a lot of traffic," he explains. "We've been growing ever since."

What's next for Wiesner?

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