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Gettin' Started


    • This is a good place to start to get some more ideas about backpacking through Europe


    • This site is for real travelers sharing real information
    • A good place to learn first hand about bakcpacking Europe

Gettin' There

Gettin' Around



    • This site lists hostels all over Europe
    • It also provides route maps to help in planning your trip


    • This is another useful site for finding a hostel in the city you want at a reasonable price

    Check out our Hostels page for additional information!

Extra Information


    • This site provides need to know travel information for women


    • Provides news and information from around the world, including up to the minute travel details


    • News from around Europe, this site is especially good for visitors or those planning to visit Europe
    • City guides for around Europe, includes alot of great photos.
    • Stocked full of all kinds of information-this is a really good site!


    • This is the US Department of State's website
    • It offers international travel warnings (if there are any!)
    • You can also apply for a passport on this site


    • Web site for the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    • This site will inform you of any diseases or illnesses you'll need to be aware of while traveling


    • Weather forecasts for wherever you're going


    • This site is based on the Lonely Planet travel books
    • Its filled with all kinds of useful information

    Check out our Health & Safety page for additional information!



    • Destination currency exchange


    • In order to phone home you're going to need an international phone card and this site has them


    • Once you decide where you're going you'll need the right luggage, this site has everything you'll need to backpack all over Europe.
    • Don't forget to look at our Packing page for some helpful hints!
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