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  A Trip Worth Making
By Lloyd Smith
Article provided by iHigh.com

It is a known fact that as the spring comes, tension builds among the seniors. We are forced to find the right college that will fit us and our needs. And the colleges are NOT a lot of help with those colorful little brochures they send, showing us the exact same pictures on each and that same tree with that same beautiful girl standing next to it smiling. So, we can't really rely on that propaganda to help us. Well, have no worries. I have heard your cry for help and will deliver for you. Iāll give you a brief rundown of the college visit to help you decide whether a college visit trip in general is worth it for you. First stop: Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

I came in (late, of course) to a small conference room in the center campus to see a very overexcited redhead named Phil entertaining the crowd with jokes and wisecracks about the states that were represented by the guests. He filled us in on what would be happening for the day and then handed it over to Dr. Paul Conn, the president of the college.

I expected to hear why the college was the best but was shocked when he explained instead that this college is not meant for some. The college has strong Christian values and is very strict on those who oppose the rules. The president told us that if you wanted a college where you could experiment with drugs, sex and alcohol, this college was not for you, and it would be best to go somewhere else now, instead of being kicked out later on. He did not let us leave without throwing out a few plugs for his campus and staff, but he wouldn't have been doing his job if he hadn't.

We then split up for a tour of the campus. Our guide seemed to know the campus like the back of her hand. She would tell us historical things, showed us social hangouts and even told us rumors and funny things about the school that you would need to experience for yourself. She walked around the campus with a smile and a common courtesy toward us.

The whole day was filled with information. I left almost with a headache from being taught so much in one day, but it was not the expected preaching of why we should go to their school, but instead a very laid back atmosphere, and you were almost carrying on a conversation about the school itself and not just listening to someone sell their school to you.

Phil, whom I referred to earlier, had admitted to us that it was very easy to leave things out during the day, so he gave us more than adequate time to ask questions. We even got a chance to talk to professors of certain majors we were interested in and even sat in on a class.

By the end of the day, I left with a hand full of brochures, a new t-shirt and a very heavy burden taken off my back because I am now one of those lucky few who have made their mind up early about the school they will attend next year. I will attend Lee University, and all I can say is good luck to the rest of you still making your decisions!

Article provided by iHigh.com

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