How much does it cost?
  • You'll be surprised to learn how realistic the investment is, and how quickly it will pay for itself. There is no out-of-state tuition for fully online students. Ask your admissions counselor for details.

  • What about financial aid?
  • Admitted students may be eligible for financial aid if they meet the qualifying criteria. Learn more about funding your education on our website.

  • What is an online class like?
  • Every course is designed collaboratively with faculty and our innovative instructional design team, resulting in an effective, flexible and engaging education.

  • Will my diploma say "online?"
  • You will earn an Arizona State University degree. It will bear the name of your program and college, no different than if you attended one of our physical campuses.

  • Do I get to interact with actual professors?
  • Absolutely. You'll likely interact with them as much, if not more, through online courses than you would in a classroom. Depending upon the course, interaction can happen through emails, conference calls, streaming video, social networking, or other learning technologies.

  • Can I transfer credits?
  • Yes, in most cases: You need to have earned a "C" or better from a regionally accredited, college-level institution in the United States. Generally the credits you’ve already earned do not expire, either.

  • How much time does it take?
  • The amount of time it takes to complete your degree depends on the number of credits that transfer, the number you take each semester or session, and your program’s requirements. You can take as many as 18 credit hours in spring and fall semesters, and between 7 and 9 credit hours in short and summer term sessions.