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Don Quijote Schools
We are exclusively geared towards teaching Spanish in Spain and have become the leading specialist in Spanish instruction, with schools in Spain, and Mexico
Study Chinese in China
Looking for a once in a lifetime cultural experience. We have a program to learn Chinese in Bejing with the option of studying martial arts under the famed teacher - Wu Bin.

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U. Magazine Articles About College

Big Bloopers Found in School Textbooks
Once mistakes get in textbooks they're very hard to get out.

What Makes Your School Cool?
Whatever it may be - most schools are known for something.

Students Lead Double Lives as CEOs
Do you have what it takes to be the next entrepreneurial CEO?

Do Master's Degrees Really Pay Off?
It is the dreaded question that every parent asks: So what are you doing after you graduation?

Are Cults Working Your College Campus?
You may say no, but the fact is college campuses are prime recruiting ground for cults and religious minority groups.

Life After College - Are You Ready?
Find out what they didn't teach you in school. It's Real World 101.

Child Geniuses: Do They Belong In College?
Doogie's not just a figment of Hollywood's imagination.

Community Colleges Add Ammenities to Attract Students
When I got turned down for a job years ago, I asked the prospective boss why, and he said I needed more class (not the kind you get from society). He suggested that I take on some additional, alternative studies. This sent me and my bachelor's degree back to school -- a community college -- for some new skills that helped me land my next job.


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