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Study in China!

Intensive 4-week, 6-week, or 8-week study programs in martial arts for all levels of proficiency -- an opportunity to receive the best martial arts training available in China. Additional language and cultural learning and activities included in program. Ready for an extraordinary experience?

Curriculum highlights:
Traditional martial arts of China... fighting, empty-hand, and weapon skills. Train with expert teachers and challenge yourself to master the combative techniques and mental discipline of this well-known art. Both long-established traditional styles as well as standardized techniques will be taught in the curriculum. Students will be regularly tested and will have opportunities to train and interact with native Chinese students. Learn the same martial arts that have had its teachings, traditions, and its heroes and heroines popularized and celebrated in literature, performing arts, and contemporary cinema.

Setting description:
Beijing, China. Besides being China’s capital Beijing is one of the top locations for martial art training in China and is also the cultural, travel, educational, and historical center of the country. Training locations include university campus and/or other martial art training venues. Housing at school dormitory. In Beijing students will have the opportunity to visit The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, the alleyways of historic Old Beijing, Tianamen Square, art museums, and street markets.

Students receive a certificate upon program completion. Semester-long, one-year long, and teacher certification programs are available upon request.

Optional Study in:
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fight Choreography, and Therapeutic Qi-Gong.

For more information e-mail: china@colleges.com

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