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Please select the area of study below that is the closest match to your interests. Many of our programs are very closely related as far as subject area is concerned. Degree titles and degree offerings vary by location. When you learn more about them you may change your mind, which is not a problem.


What's your passion? Logos, print ads in magazines, smart product design, or a room that welcomes you with brilliant color? You're a visual communicator and have been for as long as you can remember. Here, you'll be inspired by new ideas and faculty who'll help you evolve into a creative professional, portfolio in hand.


Media Arts is movement. It's creating and capturing images to move your audience. Maybe you see yourself working on animated films. Or working on the new release of a best-selling video game. Maybe that's you, behind the lens, getting the story that will be broadcast into people's living rooms. If you want to work with evolving technology to express yourself and your art, this is where you belong.


You're the one in the kitchen at family parties. For you, the food section of your local newspaper provides inspiration for your next great meal. Now more than ever, the restaurant-going public eagerly awaits a lively mix of flavors and ambience. What role will you play in that new bistro down the street? Learn what it takes to succeed in this competitive and dynamic field.


Fashion designers feed the visual animal in all of us. Color, fabric, or the elegant lines of a jacket help us to express ourselves with wearable art. If fashion designers are the inspiration behind the clothes, then visual merchandisers are the first to capture our attention as we go on the prowl for this season's latest styles. Fashionistas who want to go places take their first steps here.

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