University of the Southwest

University of the Southwest is a Christ-centered educational community dedicated to developing men and women for a lifetime of servant leadership by emphasizing individual faith, responsibility, and initiative.

Teaching at University of the Southwest adheres to belief in God, in the Bible as the inspired Word of God, in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and in the separation of church and state.

University of the Southwest strives for excellence in academic curriculum, campus life programming, and student activities in a supportive educational community where freedom of thought and expression is honored and the demonstration of faith in acts of service is encouraged.

Christ-Centered Values

At University of the Southwest, students are instructed and mentored by a faculty and staff who demonstrate Christ-centered values and maintain an environment where students can live and work cooperatively, valuing the multiple cultures from which they come.

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Contribute to the Common Good

As a community of initiative, University of the Southwest challenges graduates to become enterprising members of our society contributing to the common good by advocating and participating in the productive commerce of free enterprise, the constitutional privilege of self-government, and the practical contributions of community service.


Undergraduate Program Information

University of the Southwest is currently offering the following undergrad programs:

Bachelor of Science in Crimnial Justice
The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree can be earned fully online, on site, or a combination of both!

The criminal justice program is committed to providing students a liberal arts education along with a solid grounding in criminal justice. The criminal justice curriculum is designed to prepare students for higher education or entering careers in criminal justice. Our faculty work to give students the skills to integrate academic knowledge and practical experience.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Psychology is one of the most popular majors. Students taking introductory psychology classes find that they are intrigued with the study of human behavior, and many students decide to pursue further psychology courses. To major in psychology, you just have to have an interest in understanding human behavior.

Psychology is linked to other disciplines. Psychology majors are exposed to concepts from biology, chemistry, mathematics, and logic. Students find that psychological concepts have application in other fields such as literature, business, religion, education, and political science. There is no doubt that an understanding of human behavior is beneficial in many professional endeavors.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
A degree in business prepares students for a career in many areas of business. Students learn from professionals in Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing. You may supplement your studies in one of many speciality areas of study and customize your degree.

Graduate Program Information

University of the Southwest is currently offering the following graduate programs:

Master of Business Administration
The Master of Business Administration program at University of the Southwest is designed to prepare current and upcoming business leaders to excel in today's ever-changing, global environment. The USW experiences provides a powerful, effective education, meant to transform how you think about business. Students accepted into the MBA program will enhance business acumen, strengthen leadership skills, and expand knowledge and confidence on both personal and professional levels. Additionally, the program is offered in an entirely online format to allow maximum flexibility and the convenience you need to work at the speed of life.

MBA - Sports Management and Recreation
Please see an associate for more information regarding this program.

Master's of Science in Education: School Counseling
The School Counseling program focuses on the relations and interactions between students and their school environment with the expressed purpose of reducing the effect of environmental and institutional barriers that impede student academic success. The profession fosters conditions that ensure educational equity, access, and academic success for all students P-12. For those individuals who already have a Master's Degree but wish to become a licensed school counselor in New Mexico, the School Counseling Post-Master's Licensure program is an option.

New Mexico Residents: The School Counseling is accredited by the New Mexico Public Education Department to prepare school counselors for licensure.

Residents of States Other Than New Mexico: It is imperative that out-of-state residents contact their state's department of education to determine if USW's program meets their state's licensing and certification regulations.

Master's of Science in Education: Special Education
If your passion is working with students who have special needs and you want to learn advanced interventions and techniques that can make a difference in their level of academic achievement, completing your Master's Degree in Special Education is the degree for you. By acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics, needs, and research-based intervention strategies for learners with special needs, you will be able to enhance your performance and skill as you deal with the diverse students you encounter in a general education or special education classroom. With the mandates of No Child Left Behind, educators who want to help all students learn and to try to leave no child behind can benefit by earning a graduate degree in Special Education. Passion plus professional expertise can equal success and satisfaction for children and educators alike!

Master of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction
Please see an associate for more information regarding this program.

Master of Science in Education in Early Childhood Education
If you love young children, then you'll want to earn your Master's in Early Childhood Education. This degree can also be completed concurrently with a licensure plan that leads to a teaching license in Early Childhood Education, Birth-Grade 3. The professional educator who earns this degree will demonstrate knowledge and competency in the following areas: child growth, development, and learning; health, safety, and nutrition; family and community collaboration; curriculum development and implementation; methods and materials; assessment of children and evaluation of programs; professionalism; and appropriate developmental practices. The coursework is online, but your practicums can be completed in your own community. In the near future, you can be a highly sought after professional who works with young children, so why not begin your degree today?

Master of Science in Education: Educational Administration
The University of the Southwest's Educational Administration Program presents a dynamic combination of theory and practice which prepares the student for public school administration or instructional leadership at the teaching level. The primary emphasis of the program include: Educational Leadership and Supervision; Theories of Curriculum Development; Policies and Public Relations; Education Law; Educational Finance and Facilities; School Administration; Theories of Administration; Applied Educational Leadership; and Internship in Educational Administration.

Master's of Science in Education: Mental Health Counseling
Mental Health Counseling is a field that can bring immense personal satisfaction as well as excellent career opportunities. With the Mental Health Counseling specialization, you will develop the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need to assess and treat mental and emotional disorders and promote optimum mental health.


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